The Core Competencies

In a process outlined in this website, we have developed a 'set' of Core Competencies of a European Psychotherapist

Within the 13 Domains (see below), there are 40 sections in total, with 124 sub-sections, and a total of 634 competencies.
Whilst this may seem a lot, we are actually trying to define all the 'core' professional activities of this (relatively new) profession, across all modalities, and for all European countries. We have been looking for what is 'core' to all of these.
We could be happy if the number of competencies can be reduced in time, and through due process, but - for the moment - this is what we have.
There were various earlier (draft) documents, which were all revised, so please make sure that you access the correct version, which is the version of the document that was approved at the EAP AGM in Moscow in July 2013 (see below).

To see the Core Competencies in each of these Domains, please click on the links below.

To see the final set of Core Competencies (June, 2013) that were accepted at the EAP's AGM in Moscow in July 2013 - all together (in a PDF document) please click here.

Working Group on Professional Competencies: