Specific Competencies


'Specific' Competencies are those that are additionally specified - over and above, or alongside - the Core Competencies, either:

We are about to start developing these Specific Competencies, starting in July 2012. This is the next phase,Phase 2, of the Project after the development of the Core Competencies (Phase 1); and after this, the Specialist Competencies will also need to be developed, which will become Phase 3 of the project (see Diagram).

The Process for Phase 2:

A couple of further points:

So, once these Specific Competencies have been compiled by the various EWOs and NAOs, there might then need to be another “sorting out’ process. In the survey process with the PAS forms, some of the Core Competencies may have been identified more as Specific Competencies (e.g more 'humanistic' or more 'psychodynamic' and thus not totally ‘core’ to every psychotherapist); so there may have to be some “sorting out” done already this way. Additionally, some of the Specific Competencies coming from the various modalities or countries (in Phase 2) may be agreed to be more like Core Competencies: i.e. acceptable to all - so some may need to be sorted that way. This second 'migration of competencies' should complete both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Project.
At the same time, from about October 2012 to about July 2013 (hopefully), we will also inviting small specialist groups of people with common interests to work on the more 'Specialist' Competencies: this will be Phase 3. (see more information here).