Become a Participant in the Project

We are actively encouraging involvement and co-operation from anyone (both individuals and organisations: from all types of psychotherapy; from psychologists and psychiatrists; and from psychotherapists and their clients,) involved in psychotherapy in Europe. So we really look forward to working with you!

By becoming a Participant, you will help this project and thus help to establish the professional competencies of a European psychotherapist: but we will need a little information about you, and we will ask you to help us in particularly structured ways. If this project is to be successful, it must cover all countries, all types of psychotherapy, and be understandable to other professionals, as well as to members of the public. So we will really value your input, irrespective of who you are. We also really want input from all European countries and different cultures, and so we apologise for the necessity that all material and all input must be in English at this point in time; translation will happen only at the very end of the project.


First: please inform us who you are: (i) name & (ii) contact details (e-mail); and then (iii) whether you are an individual, or whether you are representing an organisation, and if so, which one; then (iv) in a few sentences (about 100-150 words) say a little about yourself or your organisation; and what involvement or connection you have with psychotherapy in Europe (if any).

Please send us this information, as an e-mail, in order to register as a Participant.
The list of Participants is 'open' (publicly available on this website). The section (iv) the more personal / professional information that you give us will be publically accessible, unless you specifically state otherwise. To send us the e-mail, click here, or use the e-mail address at the bottom of the page.

Second: Having registered as a Participant, you will then receive, by e-mail, regular information about this project and about any major changes or updates. There are no real obligations, other than to participate; there are, hopefully, some expectations that you will be reading and commenting on the material on this website; possibly contributing anything that seems relevant; feeding back when and where appropriate; as regards the level of involvement - perhaps once every 6 months or so, or whenever there is a new major update (about which you will be informed).

Giving Feedback 1:

Having joined the project as a Participant, if you wish to comment on any part of the Project, or if you disagree with any part of the text, or any the content on any pages of this website, or if you wish to add to, correct or amend any of the pages, or them, or correct them, in any way at all - Please do it this way:

Giving Feedback 2:

However, you can really help (and this is what we really want you to do) by - first of all - participating in deciding the relevance and importance of the draft Core Competencies and to comment on them using the Practice Analysis Surveys (see left sidebar, or here). We really need this feedback - from you, out there; and we need lots of you to feed-back to us in this way. This is way that we will be able to tell if we have got these draft Core Competencies right, or which ones need changing. If all the present Participants fill in the PAS forms, that will be fantastic.

You will also need to have filled in these PAS forms if you want to participate further, in Phase 2, in helping determine the Specific Competencies for your method or modality, or for your country. We require that each Specific Competency group has at least one person who has registered as a Participant and has filled in the PAS forms..

We will / can only consider comments from Participants who have registered. We may need to communicate with you about your comments or suggestions, making sure we understand your points fully; then we will consider your suggestions very carefully, as a group; if we agree, we may then decide to update the relevant website page. We will anyway communicate back to you. We thank you - in advance - for your participation.
A list of all the Participants is now available: left-hand side bar, or here.

December 2012
We have now just finished analysing the data that we got in from all the PAS forms: you can see the results of the Quantitative Analysis, here and the Qualitative Thematic Analysis, here.

If you would like to see some "Comments" from Partipants about the process of filling in these forms, please click here.

Working Group on Professional Competencies: